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what is mushroom compost

what is mushroom compost, Vegetable Blend Topsoil provides a stable and fertile basis for plants at any stage of growth.

what is mushroom compost, This is our best selling vegetable topsoil – it’s perfect for vegetables and raised beds. A richer blend of organic compost and dark rich topsoil brings your plants superb drainage and fertility.

Ideal for establishing new vegetable beds, improving soil fertility or installing raised beds.

The combination of soil and compost delivers excellent drainage and a rounded nutritional profile to enhance growth and yields for all kinds of vegetable plants.


  • 100% Peat Free Vegetable Growing Soil
  • Full of Essential Nutrients and Organic Composts
  • High Organic Matter Content
  • Locks in Nutrients & Moisture around Plant Roots
  • Enhanced Growth & Yields

Vegetable Topsoil Specification

Our Vegetable topsoil is:

  • screened to 10mm.
  • a blend of a BS3882 certified sandy loam topsoil and organic soil conditioner.
  • The pH is generally neutral with batches testing in the range from 6.5 to 7.5.
  • 100% Peat Free

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20 Litre Bag, 20lt Bag (1 Pallet), 20lt Bag (½ Pallet)

9 reviews for Vegetable Topsoil

  1. Guadalupe L. Lee

    Thank you for the delivery of the Lawn Repair Mix, which I spread on the day of delivery (yesterday) and have seeded in time for the spell of wet weather which started today. Although the material was wet when spread, it soon dried out and spread nicely using my home-made lute, an upside-down wooden palette slightly modified. The lawn looks nice and even, the dips and hollows have filled nicely, and I hope the seed takes. The advice that I was given over the ‘phone last week was professional and helpful (including the recommendation to get the seed from elsewhere) and I will certainly re-order (probably the Lawn Repair Mix) for my autumn treatment.

  2. Michelle K. Wilson

    Very pleased with the service and the goods.

  3. Mary J. Valle

    Everything was great thanks

  4. Virginia J. Nguyen

    Dear customer services Thank you for your delivery of 2 bulk bags of bark mulch last week. The driver was very friendly and efficient. I would recommend you to my clients again.

  5. Christina G. Larose

    Thank you for great service again. The delivery was on time and kept my wife fascinated and happy. ( a big plus !!!) Soil is now in position and certainly seems to be of very good standard

  6. Matthew V. Wolfe

    Very good service as always. I know the difference between the quality of the top soil you provide compared to the material sold in the garden centres, it is so much better.

  7. Virginia J. Nguyen

    All turned up on time and was of a very good quality.

  8. Howard D. Fritz

    I have to say that I experienced unusually good service. A special effort was made to accommodate my request for a Saturday delivery; my e-mails and telephone calls were all answered promptly; people who answered my calls” knew their stuff”;delivery went exactly as promised.Altogether it was a personalised and reliable transaction. I will be back to you in the future for compost, mulches etc!

  9. Wayne C. Perez

    Great service. Everyone I dealt with, both in the office & the delivery driver were very helpful.

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