Planting Loam

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• Rich in Organic Matter and Nitrogen
• Balanced Neutral pH typically 7.5 – 8.5
• Full of natural nutrients
• Screened to 10mm and Friable
• Contaminate free
• Good water retention

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spent mushroom compost

spent mushroom compost, Flower Beds & Borders
• Vegetable Gardens
• Allotments
• Tree, Shrub & Hedge Planting
• Raised Beds
• Mulching Beds & Borders
• Planters, Pots & Containers
• Prestigious Landscape Developments

Our ‘Planting Loam’ is a high quality, manufactured premium blended loam which is ideal for all landscaping applications and especially suitable for planting flowers, fruit, vegetables, trees and shrubs in borders, raised beds, allotments as well as designated planting areas and containers.

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‘Planting Loam’ is a nutrient rich dark coloured loam with a typical pH of around 7.5 to 8.5, it is blended using locally sourced soils and subsoils, horticultural sands and grit and mix of mature organic composts. A very high quality free draining topsoil, the mature organic composts provide a slow release fertilising action which will give bumper yields of flowers, fruit and vegetables in years to come whilst providing the necessary nutrients and minerals for healthy tree and shrub root and plant growth.

Meeting the strict parameters of British Standard BS3882-2015, our ‘Planting Loam‘ has very little stone content and is screened to 10mm, which produces a very fine finished material making it easy to work even in wet conditions because of its light, friable, free draining texture.

Due to its high organic content this material is not suitable for turfing or seeding.

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20 Litre Bag, 20lt Bag (1 Pallet), 20lt Bag (½ Pallet)

11 reviews for Planting Loam

  1. Kristen A. Lheureux

    Thank you – all safely delivered and in exactly the right position! Very happy thanks! Tania Hogan

  2. Yolanda J. Vang

    Thank you for your rapid response, really excellent customer care! I can utilise the extra bag and will gratefully accept your kind offer. Based only on the quality of the delivered material I have already recommended your company to friends. I hope you get additional business from it.

  3. Melissa T. Linderman

    I am very pleased with the quality of your top soil and look forward to growing salad and veg crops in my new raised bed.

  4. Deonna J. Lewis

    Thanks for prompt and efficient delivery and what seems like a high quality product at a good price for the quantity.

  5. Brian C. White

    Dear staff at Bury Hill Topsoil and Logs, I was very pleased with the service I received from your company. The ton of Bury Hill Black topsoil arrived within two days of my online order. I received email notification of the delivery day, and a helpful staff member was able to tell me the approximate time of arrival on the phone. The delivery driver was pleasant and efficient and managed to deposit the bag exactly where I wanted it. The topsoil looks very good quality, dark and crumbly with no debris in it. I’ve used it to fill a new raised bed and am expecting to grow some wonderful veg. crops in it this year!

  6. Kelly T. Phelps

    Good morning, Thanks for your delivery on Friday, The product is just what I needed and the service was first class. I will be back when I need more. Kind regards Clive

  7. Steven K. Hannah

    Your driver did an excellent job positioning the bags perfectly on the ground sheets to the side of the drive. Your company’s efficiency and understanding has been a most pleasant experience and I will be recommending Bury Hill to local people and companies.

  8. Ernesto J. Croteau

    I am very happy with both the soil received and the service given. Delivery was as per your advice and I know it is always awkward to deliver down this road, but my next door neighbour told me the gent who delivered the bulk bag of soil was very helpful and considerate. The soil looks of really nice quality and has topped up my raised beds very nicely. Hopefully the plants will like it too. Many thanks for everything

  9. Christopher J. Burnette

    Excellent service, the changes made to a busy post Easter delivery schedule to accommodate our needs was much appreciated. Excellent soil………..excellent bark………….thank you!

  10. Mildred D. Baez

    The soil is lovely. I’ll order another bag in the next week or so

  11. David M. Angel

    Excellent service, the changes made to a busy post Easter delivery schedule to accommodate our needs was much appreciated. Excellent soil………..excellent bark………….thank you!

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