Organic Mushroom Compost

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• Scientifically verified
• Balanced pH 6.8 – 7.4
• Ideal for breaking up heavy clay soils


Organic Mushroom Compost

• Breaking Up Heavy Clay Soils
• Enriching Raised Beds & Flower Borders
• Improving Undernourished Soils
• Boosting Nitrogen, Nutrients & Phosphates
• Adding Organic Matter to Beds & Borders
• Increasing Aeration in Soils

A spent mushroom compost derived from organic local mushroom farms, our Mushroom Compost is a great natural soil improver which is excellent for breaking up heavy clay soils, adding organic matter to inert sandy soils and for mulching vegetable beds and flower borders and it is one of our most popular composting mulches.

Bury Hill Mushroom Compost is sourced solely from ‘organic’ mushroom farms and fully steam treated before sale to 50 degrees, which is maintained for a minimum of 4 hours. Produced from a mix of peat and well-rotted straw blended with either aged chicken or horse manure. The resultant product is high in organic humus, which naturally improves the chemical and physical properties and long-term performance of all soils, making it a good, economical solution, for both professional users and discerning gardeners alike.

For general soil improvement, we recommend spreading a 50mm layer of Bury Hill Mushroom Compost over the area to be treated, then fork or rotavate in. For very poor nutrient deficient soils, you could consider increasing the application to 75mm or even 100mm.

Bury Hill Mushroom Compost helps restore the natural balance of soils, providing a healthy rich growing environment.

Please Note: Bury Hill Mushroom Compost is a very rich compost and it should be mixed with soil prior to planting. It is not a suitable medium for the potting or seeding of young plants and we would not recommend it’s use for this purpose or for utilisation as a direct growing solution as results may vary significantly. In these instances, we would recommend use of either our Multi-Purpose or John Innes Composts.

Bury Hill Mushroom Compost is a bi-product of the mushroom growing industry and whilst we test the material regularly Bury Hill Landscape Supplies does not produce the mushroom compost directly and, as such, cannot guarantee the ingredient, chemical or nutrient composition found in the compost.

Being a natural product, the colour and texture of the compost will vary depending on how fresh the compost is. The fresher the mushroom compost, the lighter in colour it will be with more straw visible in the early stages which will darken and decompose naturally over time. On very rare occasions this product can contain trace elements of plastic which is unavoidable as it can happen as a direct consequence of the mushroom farming process.

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20 Litre Bag, 20lt Bag (1 Pallet), 20lt Bag (½ Pallet)

7 reviews for Organic Mushroom Compost

  1. Richard A. Brake

    Many thanks for the 4 tonnes of topsoil, This was delivered last Saturday, and I would like to thank the driver for being so helpful, and courteous I can recommend the product, and the service


    Another great experience, great quality logs and a very polite and helpful delivery driver. Thank you so much.

  3. Michael M. Ryan

    Thank you, top soil delivered in good time, Client pleased with top soil quality. Very good sales team and support

  4. Jeffry A. Hunley

    I received my delivery today. The driver/loader was extremely courteous and very helpful in off-loading to a place that helped me enormously. The delivered goods were exactly as ordered and with so little fuss. Many thanks and Seasons Greetings to you all.

  5. Lillian S. Taylor

    A bit late but I would like to say what a brilliant service you provided in supplying my logs. A very courteous driver and top quality logs.

  6. David G. Peyton

    Hi, Just to say thanks for our log delivery today. The delivery driver was very friendly and did a great job.

  7. Rose J. Stamp

    Very happy with both soil and turf. Delivered as requested, and good quality. Will order from you again

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