Green Waste Fines

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Please note. This product is sold loose. This means you either need to collect it in a suitable vehicle or order enough of it to make it economically viable to deliver loose. You will find small amounts i.e. less than 6 m³ cheaper to be delivered in their bulk bag counterparts.


Green Waste Fines 1m³ Tipped Loose

mushroom compost bulk bag, The product to be used shall consist of a matured peat-free compost made from composted botanical residues. Graded particles of no larger than 10 mm with a substantial amount of organic fines, pH to be around 8.5. The product is to be free of physical contaminants, viable weed seeds and pathogens and shall be untreated by any additives

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20 Litre Bag, 20lt Bag (1 Pallet), 20lt Bag (½ Pallet)

33 reviews for Green Waste Fines

  1. Alan E. Jones

    Thanks guys for a fantastic service, the topsoil is the best I have ever had delivered, I will certainly use you again.

  2. Jake R. Howell

    Top soil etc normally arrives on a pallet and we just wheel it into place. Not this time, one of your lorries with topsoil in sacks and a crane on the back, problem! Your driver quietly and extremely professionally took on the problem and solved it.

  3. Angela F. Adamek

    Good soil, promptly and efficiently delivered. Many thanks Mushroom Compost

  4. John M. Hall

    Thank you so much for your advice, the soil arrived today. The driver was polite and excellent at maneuvering the truck into position, the soil looks great, far better than my previous suppliers. Steve

  5. Patricia R. Oneil

    Thank you. An all round excellent and considerate service.

  6. Kimberly M. Sierra

    Very happy with order – thank you very much.

  7. Clara W. Rhodes

    David, The topsoil went down a treat and is good stuff thank you.

  8. Jana A. Vibbert

    Great soil and supportive sales team.

  9. Agustin B. Davis

    Thank for your excellent service and the planting loam we received was just what the gardener ordered. Just one comment.

  10. Nicholas R. McLaughlin

    Thank you for delivering the order. It arrived promptly and the quality is good.

  11. Beulah A. Graham

    Best soil I have ever bought. Prompt delivery service which placed the bags exactly where I wanted them. I will be ordering again.

  12. Jesse D. Gonzalez

    Delivery as usual was great, on time and where I needed it…the quality of the wood this time was excellent – the best so far from 3 orders.

  13. Richard A. Son

    Dear Sirs Many thanks for the delivery which went well with a very amiable and helpful driver. Turf quality is excellent and after 7 days looks green with strong growth.

  14. Josephine H. Ray

    Many thanks for the ton of first class loam, which is exactly as required for planting in 2 foot high raised beds. The driver was most pleasant to deal with placing the loam (with some difficulty ) exactly as l requested.

  15. Carolyn G. Hale

    Our dealings with your firm, from visiting to place an order, to delivery yesterday have been excellent. We would not hesitate to recommend you to others.

  16. Grace J. Rood

    Thanks so much for your delivery last Monday! Your driver very kindly (and skilfully) deposited the bags exactly where we wanted them!! Our experience with you previous top soil bags is that has changed the garden considerably…for the better. Plants now thrive where once they perished! We are delighted with your service.

  17. Ronald D. Alsop

    Thank you for the delivery. The topsoil appears as described on your website, fine and good quality. However, the automatic calculator estimated a quantity far higher than required. The slate came in a bag labelled ‘Plum slate’ but on examination think it is blue slate; the slate does have a layer/film of white/grey dust. The slate was a little smaller than I was expecting but perhaps there will be larger pieces further down the bag. Transfer from lorry to site was smooth process.

  18. Valerie R. Daniel

    Dorking Children’s Allotment would like to thank you very much for your support, you were all so helpful and efficient.

  19. Raymond A. Bird

    Excellent service…very helpful driver. Thank you R Holdsworth

  20. Joseph L. Collins

    Many thanks for arranging the delivery of our outstanding order for turf yesterday. It makes a change to deal with a firm that employs people who are prepared to put themselves out in response to requests from customers. Can you also once again pass on our thanks to the driver who was extremely helpful and polite. We would have no hesitation in recommending your company to anyone.

  21. Royal S. Heffner

    I just wanted to drop a line to say how pleased I am with the topsoil and mulch you supplied for my client at 16 Oaken Coppice, Ashtead. Both were excellent quality and really good value for money – I will definitely be using your products for my future products!

  22. Linda R. Wilder

    Excellent service Many thanks Mushroom Compost

  23. Ida H. Jenkins

    Just a quick email to say thank you so much for delivering the topsoil and turf as agreed. The quality of both were beyond our expectations and two weeks on the turf looks fantastic.

  24. Estella D. Lair

    We are extremely pleased with our order and would like you to personally thank the driver on our behalf. My husband was down the bottom of the garden cutting the hedge and did not hear him arrive, hence his work van was blocking where we asked for the bags to be put. Your driver must have looked around to see what he could do and left them in an alcove in our hedge as you come up the drive which is ideal and even better than where we asked the soil to be put. We are sorry if we caused any inconvenience and thank him once again for using his initiative!

  25. Shawn D. Shipman

    Thank you so much for the early delivery on Saturday morning. The logs are of great quality, fantastic.

  26. Kathleen L. Montgomery

    Thanks for the all round excellent service. Both the top soil and turfs I purchased were delivered at exactly the times you stated by very polite delivery drivers. The soil and turf look of very good quality. Here’s hoping for a lovely new lawn ! I won’t have any hesitation in recommending you.

  27. Kendrick A. Millay

    I confirm delivery was on time. The quality of the turf was very good. The lawn has now been laid. Only observations are (a) the ends of each turf were difficult to lay flat due to the way cut (curled up), so we needed to cut each turf slightly shorter at each end to enable good butt joins, and (b) turf widths varied slightly in some cases. Otherwise, a very satisfied customer.

  28. Scott R. Garcia

    Dear Bury Hill Many thanks and excellent service. Turf arrived at 9:30 and I laid 200m2 by 6pm that day. Very pleased. Kind regards

  29. Mazie L. Carrera

    Having already made a favourable comment on the telephone, I may not need to respond to your e-mail of today. However, at the risk of repeating myself, I thought your driver showed skill with a long vehicle in a narrow road and having to avoid overhead cables while lifting and placing the bag of topsoil. Order taking was efficient and pleasant. Your company is now ‘on my radar’ for future topsoil and log needs and I will mention you to others.

  30. Maria B. Hill

    I found the service great and the delivery efficient and on time.

  31. Arron D. Donley

    Great job organizing delivery of heavy sleepers into confined space. Many thanks.

  32. Jim M. Lockhart

    First class service. First class products.

  33. Julian J. Prowell

    Thank you very much for your email in the trail below. The quality of the soil you provided was excellent and our plants are doing very well. I particularly wanted to respond with my comments regarding the overall service we received. It was exceptional. From providing me with all the initial advice and information I needed, to communication regarding the delivery date and time, and also from the driver who made the delivery. Everyone was very helpful and professional, and genuinely interested in helping us. This level of care was so appreciated, and I would readily recommend your company.

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