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Manure & Mushroom Compost Blend

Manure & Mushroom Compost Blend, A fantastic blend of well rotted farm yard and horse manure mixed with spent mushroom compost (70% Manure 30% Mushroom Compost). This product has been well rotted and bagged to produce a high quality easy to use soil conditioner.

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  • Promotes strong root development
  • Improves soil structure
  • Breaks up heavy soils
  • Improves moisture retention around root systems
  • Increases soil nutrition

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20 Litre Bag, 20lt Bag (1 Pallet), 20lt Bag (½ Pallet)

32 reviews for Farm Yard Manure Blend Bulk Bag

  1. Deanna W. Scarlett

    “I live using pro-grow as a mulch in autumn to provide cover for the soil knowing that long term the worms will be working in this lovely fibrous compost increasing nutrients and water retention for the soil. It is a wonderful cycle, adding program and then when clearing foliage or spent plants they go back in the green bag and become compost again. Fantastic. “

  2. Ruthie R. Cruz

    Hi Guys, thank you so much for the soil and turf delivery. I am so pleased I followed my friends recommendation as the soil and turf are the best I have used. I will certainly be using your services again.

  3. Sherry F. Roberson

    “Great product, easy ordering and delivery as everyone says. Would I buy it again, definitely. “

  4. Nathaniel L. Leary

    “I purchase two 1m3 bags of pro-grow last year and was impressed by the delivery, no problems. The product was used evenly throughout my garden, vegetable garden and flower beds. When dug in with existing soil it forms a good base for flowers/shrubs and vegetables. Additional benefit in the veg patch, very few weeds. Would highly recommend the product.”

  5. Ricardo B. Carter

    “Always great as usual to pick up bags of lovely fresh progrow – used this time for mulching a newly planted bed, weed suppressant, moisture preserver and nutrition all in one. Fantastic stuff, wish I had room to buy a cubic litre!”

  6. Carlos K. Behan

    , I found the best results worked with vegetables. The key is getting the right balance of mixture (3 to 1). If mixing with a very high quality multi-purpose compost, then only add as directed. If mixing with a low quality (cheap) compost, then used heaped portions (or an extra spade/trowel portion). You can’t really go wrong – we had some great green beans, lettuce and radishes that just went on forever! As I grew these in pots, I even used the spent soil as mulch afterwards – so absolutely no wastage. “

  7. Richard R. Faber

    “When I got your leaflet I ordered 30 bags to see how it was. It’s great but didn’t go as far as I thought so I’ve ordered more to finish the rear garden beds, 100 bags for me and 40 for my neighbor as he was impressed with the quality and the price. Great product. Love it. “

  8. Robert E. Cramer

    I am so glad that I was recommended to your company, service was first class whilst the topsoil is the best I have ever seen.

  9. Terri J. Boudreaux

    The soil is great! I may have ordered too much but I shall find a use for it over the next few months.

  10. Gloria J. Cole

    “It was fantastic! I was very happy to pay the delivery man in cash and he gave me a receipt. All done in less than half an hour. Fantastic support from all of you guys. Thanks you so much and I will be inviting you to the planting day! “

  11. Luz E. Castile

    “Great service and fantastic product added to my clay garden and much improved better drainage and plants growing very well “

  12. Kevin C. Jones

    Just wanted to thank you for arranging delivery of our topsoil. It arrived on Friday evening at about 17:45, and the delivery driver could not have been more obliging. We are very pleased with the quality of the topsoil too. Thanks again for all your efforts.

  13. Carla R. Comer

    Prompt & punctual delivery, pin-neat placing from the delivery man & great quality soil & compost.

  14. Jose B. Newman

    “Have used previous years and works well”

  15. Edward T. Chastain

    Thank you so much for fast delivery, turf looks great.

  16. Christopher M. Parks

    Very happy thank you i will recommend

  17. Frieda R. Gonzalez

    “My two bulk bags arrived earlier than expected, were very tidily and conveniently placed on delivery and contained a fine conditioner that was a joy to spread. I look forward to seeing the benefits it will bring to my plants.”

  18. Shawn C. Smart

    Thank you for how you left the logs, really well covered against the rain on a grotty day. Really appreciate it. Rachel

  19. Aaron M. Hathaway

    “It’s my second allotment that I took on at the beginning of this year. It’s on a site in Hook which suffers from Heavy clay soil. Because of the soil I’ve used raised beds on the old plot, and a lot of these were filled with Pro grow. I find the fruit and vegetables love it, and it really retains moisture which is much better than the compost I’ve had in other beds. Compost I’ve used becomes very dry very quickly, and if you have a year like this year with not a lot of rain I find seeds don’t germinate as well as bed filled with Pro grow.”

  20. Leslie K. Boley

    “I have used this batch of pro-grow to revitalise and area of poor soil and already the soil appears much improved.”

  21. Carmelo J. Carrick

    “I use Pro Grow as a mulch to cover the soil in beds & borders. A nice thick layer not only helps retain moisture at this time of year, but also on our light chalky soils it gives a lovely dark appearance and looks great!”

  22. Esther E. Felipe

    “Soil Conditioner revives nutrient power in the old soil so well. I cannot afford without every year. “

  23. Joe D. Garcia

    “We have recently moved into a new house and are turning a very bare plot into a garden. Soil improver is badly needed. We are delighted to have found Pro-Grow. We are currently using our second bulk bag. It is an easy-to-use product and makes a big difference to the quality of the soil. Pro-Grow in bulk bugs is good value. It is simple to place an order by phone or on the website, and the delivery arrives quickly. It is good to know that we are using compost from Hampshire garden waste on our new garden.”

  24. Donna D. Kelly

    The soil is great! I may have ordered too much but I shall find a use for it over the next few months.

  25. Craig P. Correa

    “very pleased with pro-grow and the plants are very happy too. and the plants are very happy too.”

  26. Evan G. Draper

    Just got home to find my log order. Thank you so much, they look great, probably the best you have delivered, all of an even size and very dry. I look forward to lighting our first fire of the winter.

  27. Kevin C. Jones

    Very pleased with the soil that arrived today, it is just what we wanted and hoped for. the delivery driver also did a great job maneuvering his truck into place. We will be back for more.

  28. Eva C. Wilson

    “”Greatly improves the presentation of the garden and the soil structure is improving all the time”

  29. Tina D. Carey

    “Fantastic product great for the soil.

  30. Margaret D. Felix

    “Excellent service and excellent product range”

  31. Katherine M. Smith

    “Veolia superb product is well screened, clean, consistent and easy to handle. This product would make an excellent soil conditioner and I would certainly use it in my own garden to improve my heavy clay soil.”

  32. Thomas B. Schumacher

    Hi there, Just to tell you that I am delighted with the topsoil that was delivered. The driver was great and very helpful and the topsoil quality superb. I am looking forward to growing 3 feet diameter onions next year.

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