Melcourt SylvaGrow Ericaceous Compost

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mushroom compost, SylvaGrow® Ericaceous Container and Planting Compost
A unique blend of fine bark, wood fiber (bi-products of sustainably managed British forests) and coir (from a single, known source). It contains balanced nutrients sufficient for the first 4 – 6 weeks of growth. This professional-quality, 100% peat-free ericaceous compost is ideal for growing rhododendrons, azaleas, heathers, camellias and other lime-hating plants in tubs and containers and for planting out.

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20 Litre Bag, 20lt Bag (1 Pallet), 20lt Bag (½ Pallet)

71 reviews for Melcourt SylvaGrow Ericaceous Compost

  1. William G. Anderson

    I love this product and so do my gardens!! Great people with an easy, efficient service.

  2. Carolyn B. Peters

    My garden is much happier with your composts and soils spread around. Very helpful delivery man.

  3. Beverly D. Brown

    Great service, god product, used to improve flower beds that are being replanted. Old plants have used up all the goodness in the soil over the years. Also use as a mulch around new plants to stop weeds.

  4. Olga D. Fisher

    I have very heavy soil which is like potters’ clay when wet and concrete when dry. I used the Organic Soil Improver and it has made a lot of difference. I would certainly recommend it. Excellent service from The Field Compost company. They acknowledged my order immediately and contacted me very quickly to arrange a convenient delivery date and time.

  5. Keith D. Mook

    Looks to be a very good product: nice and dark, well rotted and not at all unpleasant to handle. We ordered a bulk bag and it was lovely and warm just a few inches down, so the microbes were clearly doing their bit. We have very stony soil which we dug out out and replaced with the Soil Improver and organic compost mixed together. Only time will tell how well the plants grow but first signs are promising. We were unavoidably out when the delivery was made but the driver put the pallet exactly where I had asked and Chris from the office phoned to check all was OK. Good experience from start to finish and I would definitely use Mushroom Compost again if I need to.

  6. Jose M. Stangl

    First time I have used this company and firstly the driver was excellent and delivered onto my property down a 200 ft pathway. I used this product on freshly rotovated clay chalk soil 4 weeks ago and the results have been fantastic well done Mushroom Compost great Product Great Service

  7. Keith D. Mook

    This product is so good. It’s well made, easy to handle and very good value for money. The improvement in our heavy clay soil is so very obvious and so, of course, is the effect on everything we grow. Much better root growth so much stronger plants which are better able to stand up to the dry conditions here in East Anglia. Vegetable crops have been amazing since using this too.

  8. Charles K. Schild

    Excellent quality product and brilliant service. Highly recommend!!

  9. Tracy B. Clore

    Impressed with attention given on delivery & am very pleased with the product, would be happy to buy again if need be.

  10. Ellen C. Priolo

    Tots amaiz ballz..

  11. Jeffery O. Stubbs

    Great competitive products along with; friendly service and brilliant communication – what more could you ask for – I’ve used this firm for over 4 years for a range of their products.

  12. Kari C. Harris

    My first order with you guys and I must say that I was impressed with both the efficiency of your service and the quality of the soil delivered, which was simply the best I have ever seen. I will certainly recommend you to my friends and family. Regards John Reader

  13. Donna J. Lopez

    Beautiful, light product – like black gold. So easy to work with and spread. Really pleased with the Organic Soil Improver. Thank you!

  14. Maureen D. Cooper

    This soil conditioner is so lovely you could almost eat it! Well not quite but it does look lovely and shovels beautifully

  15. Candice R. Covarrubias

    Very helpful when I contacted them about the delivery.

  16. Lidia L. Li

    Hi Just wanted to let you know that we are delighted with the Ericacious soil we had delivered last week. It was exactly as described. We will be needing more soil in a few weeks so we will be back in touch… Many thanks, Heidi Paisley

  17. Ethel R. Meyers

    It seems an excellent product, light and fine in texture. The issue of delivery in a very narrow lane was well dealt with by a patient driver in a small 7.5 tonne lorry.

  18. Russell J. Corcoran

    Thank you so much for such a prompt delivery ~ the timing was perfect, the driver was extremely helpful, polite, cheerful and efficient and, so far, the topsoil is just what I expected. Its just a shame you couldn’t have organised the weather to be just as good so I could’ve got on with planting my vegetables a bit sooner!!!!!

  19. Leah D. Wulf

    In the last couple of months I’ve ordered topsoil and soil conditioner for two projects at opposite sides of my rear garden but similar in size and shape. This was in preparation for shrub planting. The products were both of excellent quality and in fact were commented on by a very experienced plantsman from the north easts leading garden centre. The comments were given whilst delivering my shrubs which he later planted. These products together with my hard work in preparing the ground resulted in an excellent quality soil. The top soil ordered was just to compensate for the turf removed but it blended in very well and had no stones or debris. The products were delivered in good time each time they were ordered. Contact with the company was easy (no hanging on) so I am very impressed with the products and service of this company.

  20. Victoria C. Powell

    Field Compost Company was very easy to deal with and good communicators. Very accommodating with timing of delivery and very accurate in depositing the load in exactly the right place. The compost itself was of fine, even consistency, no plastic bits, and easy to handle. It was on the dry side, but that was much better than being very wet. I can’t give it five stars until I see the results on plant growth later in the season. I expect it has more value as a weed suppressor and improver of soil structure than in nutrient boost – which is just what I wanted.

  21. Helen T. Torrez

    Thank you very much. The delivery driver was excellent

  22. Brittany D. Bergman

    This is a beautiful quality organic soil improving compost. We have very clay based soil in our garden and this amended the beds very nicely. Delivery and customer service was exceptional. We would highly recommend this company and this product and can’t wait for our second order this Spring.

  23. Christen L. Brown

    This was my first order with your company and I must say that I was very impressed. The quality of your soil is the best I have ever seen and your delivery driver was very cautious dropping the soil exactly where I asked him too. I will certainly be using you again and recommending you to my friends and family.

  24. Ivy J. Johnson

    This is my first order from Field Compost. They were very helpful about organising delivery and placed the two bags exactly where I requested. The soil improver looks really good quality and as stated on the website is easier to shovel than manure.

  25. Carla T. Stepp

    Good product, prompt delivery. We’ve used various Field Compost products for top soil in raised beds, soil conditioning on flower beds and woodchip for paths. All have been good.

  26. Joleen N. Caballero

    We love this blend and the other ones available from Field Compost. It’s a delight to work with them. Ordering is easy, the price is great value and delivery is seamless, Thank you mushroom compost

  27. Louise M. McDonald

    First time I have used field compost and it won’t be the last. I order the jumbo bag of soil conditioner and was very impressed with the quality of the product. The delivery was right on time and kept me informed the whole way. I will certainly be using again and would highly Recommend.

  28. Denise A. Hanson

    100% what it says on the tin ! Not one bit of stone, root, or any other surprise in the bag, a joy to barrow every last shovel full onto the garden beds. This is my third or fourth year of mixing this soil improver and it has made a vast difference to the condition of a clay rich soil. Good value .delivery prompt and drivers able to hit the spot with positioning the rather large bags. Overall very pleased all round and will continue to top up over the next years.

  29. Joseph L. Gainey

    Excellent service. Friendly and efficient company, great product.

  30. Matthew K. Solano

    Excellent product that has spread well as a mulch on my garden. Effecient delivery arrangements. I will use again

  31. Maxine R. Christopher

    This is the second time I have used this company and on both occasions the product has been good and the delivery process just what I need and what most compost companies don’t provide.

  32. Daniel A. Smith

    Really professional service thank you.

  33. Jerome L. Burrow

    Living on heathland I have been using soil improver for a number of years, but quality from a variety of providers has been very mixed. I have been looking for a really rich, well graded product with plenty of organic matter and was really thrilled when the delivery from Mushroom Compost arrived. The delivery arrived when they said it would (which is important when you are hanging around for a driver) and the product was excellent. I can really see the difference and as the spring shoots are starting to come up across our perennial borders, growth look health and strong.

  34. James Y. Jansen

    I called for advice, not knowing much. The help and advice was very good. Very happy with service delivery and product.

  35. Lynne R. Schneider

    Very happy with the product and the service. I phoned in the morning to check time of delivery and actually was able to speak to a very helpful human, which is quite something these days. I would definitely order from Mushroom Compost again. They came as a recommendation from a friend whose uses them and I was very happy. The delivery man was friendly and helpful too.

  36. Terri T. Damato

    My order was relatively small but the service from the company was excellent. I’ve not used a great deal of the compost yet but it looks to be a very good product.

  37. Anthony M. Garcia

    I used this when creating some new borders. I have never had such healthy and vigorous plants. Will definitely buy again!

  38. Joseph C. Thompson

    A fantastic company who were in touch throughout to keep me updated. My delivery instructions were carried out exactly and the product itself is fantastic. I would thoroughly recommend both the product and the company. Thank you!

  39. Sandra J. Horner

    Good quality product exactly to the spec on the website. Order was dealt with promptly and delivery went exactly as requested in my absence. Only reason I did not give 5 stars is that I will wait until the spring to know if my garden shows any improvement.

  40. Robert N. Powell

    I’ve been regenerating several perenial beds and creating a couple more and have used several bags of this conditioner to improve the soil and it has done the job for me. Actually even used this as a temporary multch in the summer when weeds were getting a bit out of control, will turn it into the soil in the autumn. I’ll be ordering more of this as needed.

  41. Virginia R. Gallegos

    So pleased with our lovely black rich compost. Easy to spread, lovely texture, no stones, twigs or foreign bodies. Just what our ex-building site new garden needs. Looking forward to seeing the boost it with give our plants.

  42. Glenn B. Canales

    I used 1500L of Organic Soil Improver to make some new raised beds on our allotment in 2021, the harvests of all kinds of vegetables were excellent, so we have just taken delivery of another bag to top up the exisitng beds and again make new ones.

  43. Cora R. Birnbaum

    excellent for adding to poor soil

  44. Ronald L. Powell

    Absolutely fantastic service – fast delivery and friendly service.

  45. Matthew B. Smith

    Ordererd big bag of the soil improver – it’s a fantastic product, the price is right, delivery prompt and really nice staff. Very happy!

  46. Sharon J. Davis

    This product is just what was needed to enrich our poor soil. The soil improver is of excellent quality, quite fine and with good texture. There was a slight smell when the product was first applied but it quickly dissipated.

  47. Annie J. Kirkpatrick

    We bought 1.5 tons of Organic Soil Improver and have been delighted with every aspect of the service and the quality of the product. We will be buying more this autumn and next spring too, based on our experience. The website was practical and made buying easy too – actually seeing the size of the very large bag that would be arriving in a website photo before placing the order ensured we were buying the right quantity and helped manage our expectations. Very happy customer.

  48. Michael P. Borden

    The delivery arrived when it was expected and the extra delivery notes were fully adhered to for location. The product delivered was the best quality and best value for money I have ever used. The bulk bag was filled to the brim with excellent quality compost and the client commented on its purity and standard. I would recommend this Company and products to anybody I know

  49. Al J. Henderson

    Very happy with the product and the service. I contacted Field Compost on the morning of delivery to see if they could give me a delivery time. They called me straight back and I actually spoke to a human being (unusual these days), who was able to tell me that my order was on its way. The delivery guy was friendly and helpful too. Would recommend mushroom Compost.

  50. Buster F. McLaughlin

    I am now 8 months in from using this soil improver in my flower beds. Everything is looking so much healthier than before. It was easy to work with and dig in. Just about to order some more. Would defiantly recommend. The only thing not looking so happy is a rhododendron which maybe didn’t like the PH but other than that everything looking great!

  51. Kevin T. Massey

    Great service and great product by the Field Team – the garden is now looking fab-u-lous!

  52. Edward Y. Ash

    Really pleased with this organic soil improver, as it was really good quality with no contaminants such as bits of plastic or glass, which is what I have found in other soil improvers that I have purchased. Free delivery was a bonus too.

  53. Jennifer F. Lehman

    Just to say thank you the whole process has been first class. The delivery driver was friendly courteous and a real credit to you. Thank you very much, I will definitely use you again.

  54. Aaron B. Medina

    Excellent product. Would definitely use it again

  55. George V. Hardwick

    Thank you for a very efficient service, much appreciated.

  56. Taylor M. Chavez

    Great people to deal with, great product ,perfect for my wet heavy clay soil. 6 star service.

  57. Patrick T. Parker

    Delivery driver was helpful and dropped the heavy load in a suitable area

  58. Margaret R. Mitchell

    This is a great sized bag off Compost, good value for money, and will be good for our plants, it was very quick delivery, and was placed perfectly on our drive for us.

  59. Stephanie J. Milford

    Very good quality material.

  60. Phyllis R. Williams

    Very helpful staff and delivery was good. Soil improver does seem to be making a real difference to the quality of our garden soil.

  61. Mauro C. Smith

    I bought a jumbo bag of no.1 to improve two very hard, virtually undigable (gravel based soil) beds. Soil now much easier to work and new plants are establishing well (one month later). Product and delivery exactly as promised.

  62. Douglas R. Garza

    This company was recommended to me by my neighbour & I wasn’t disappointed, ordering was easy, product arrived on time, the driver was most helpful & knowledgeable about the product.

  63. Chris A. Driver

    Have used Field a number of times now and they are always helpful and willing to give good friendly advice. I wanted to change my last order at short notice and Nick could not have been more helpful.

  64. Clarence P. Jenkins

    Delivered within a few days, and unloaded over a fence to exactly the right spot. Field Soil Improver is so easy to spread, very light, I just bucketed it out of the dumpy bag. No need to use a trowel. Took about 20 minutes to spread 400 litres. Delivery guys were v helpful and friendly.

  65. David J. Rhoads

    Easy to order, quick, punctual delivery and great quality.

  66. Lisa C. Nelson

    Garden looking healthier. Have purchased in the past and products always as spec. Helpful, friendly delivery.

  67. Craig B. Alexander

    Lawn top dressing has transformed my lawn. Was struggling because of poor drainage and soil. This has really made a difference and looking much thicker and greener. Have also purchased soil improver. Looking forward to seeing results but have no doubt it will improve the structure of my clay soil

  68. Kristi F. Elliot

    It is just a few weeks since I took delivery of Mushroom Compost, Organic Soil Improver. I have a piece of garden at the front of my home that is very sandy and nothing was growing successfully in it. I stripped out the old planting and put in a bag and a half of the improver. I planted afresh and the results are amazing. The plants are looking healthy and prosperous. I would recommend this product to anyone with sandy soil.

  69. Annette M. Bruce

    So impressed by the whole process of ordering, delivery and the actual product. We are tricky to find but the office staff took our directions and made sure the amazing delivery (lady) knew where to come. Just before arrival she phoned checked directions and the delivery itself was faultless and slick. Can not praise these guys highly enough. The product itself looks awesome too. Will defiantly use these guys again!

  70. Sarah J. Horak

    Very prompt delivery, driver was extremely helpful in placing compost where I wanted it. Also he emptied one into my wheelbarrow as I am on my own. I would certainly recommend this product

  71. Jonathan M. Richardson

    Good stuff is this product. Delivered within a few days of ordering. 4 hours of barrowing and spreading on a sizeable, planted and sloped site. Job done. I have to mention the heat being emitted from the soil improver in the bag, it was literally warm to the the touch and almost smouldering. The garden looks great with a dark rich looking soil which shows off out plants wonderfully. Highly recommended product and company, who we will use again.

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