Composted Horse Manure

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cow manure vs mushroom compost

cow manure vs mushroom compost, Well rotted and shredded horse manure, collected from racing stables (100% Shavings bedding) where horses are fed on a grass free diet, this and our high composting temperatures ensure that the manure does not contain any weed seeds or pathogens.

  • available in 40 Litre bags from packs of 30 bags to a full pallet of 60.
  • 1m³ Bulk Bags (approx 1000 litres) & 1200 Litre Jumbo Bags


  • Rich in essential nutrients
  • Free flowing and Easy to handle
  • Excellent in establishing rose beds
  • High organic matter content
  • Well composted – dark brown black in colour
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Helps retain moisture
  • Economical
  • Weed free

Spur on plant growth with the nutrients packed into this high quality horse manure, well composted and delivered straight to your garden, as a highly effective alternative to plant or peat based fertiliser.

Composted horse manure provides a highly fertile base to support your plants, without using peat or other additives. With a high organic matter profile and excellent moisture regulation, it provides an excellent boost to all plants. Available for all kinds of gardens and well-rotted down to ensure safe use on delicate plants, as well as removal of seeds that might cause weeds, horse manure is increasingly becoming a popular solution for gardeners seeking an environmentally sound and effective source of fertility.

Remember, you can use our compost calculator to develop your gardening project by ensuring you’re receiving the exact quantity of manure needed for the task at hand- saving stress, waste and money.

Contact us today to learn more about our compost offers and the provenance of our products.

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20 Litre Bag, 20lt Bag (1 Pallet), 20lt Bag (½ Pallet)

10 reviews for Composted Horse Manure

  1. Chester P. Rutherford

    Just wanted to thank you for arranging delivery of our topsoil. It arrived on Friday evening at about 17:45, and the delivery driver could not have been more obliging. We are very pleased with the quality of the topsoil too. Thanks again for all your efforts.

  2. Lucille R. Pennock

    Thank you so much for fast delivery, turf looks great.

  3. Jesus J. Valencia

    Just got home to find my log order. Thank you so much, they look great, probably the best you have delivered, all of an even size and very dry. I look forward to lighting our first fire of the winter.

  4. Edward F. Sterling

    Hi Guys, thank you so much for the soil and turf delivery. I am so pleased I followed my friends recommendation as the soil and turf are the best I have used. I will certainly be using your services again.

  5. Daniel G. Freeman

    Thank you for how you left the logs, really well covered against the rain on a grotty day. Really appreciate it. Rachel

  6. Gerald E. Gray

    I am so glad that I was recommended to your company, service was first class whilst the topsoil is the best I have ever seen. Thanks again for all the help and advise Dan.

  7. John N. Gorham

    Very happy thank you!

  8. Jonathan H. Gimbel

    The soil is great! I may have ordered too much but I shall find a use for it over the next few months.

  9. Jennifer D. Seals

    Prompt & punctual delivery, pin-neat placing from the delivery man & great quality soil & compost.

  10. Marie T. Eriksen

    Very pleased with the soil that arrived today, it is just what we wanted and hoped for. the delivery driver also did a great job maneuvering his truck into place. We will be back for more.

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