Buy mushroom compost online with world wide delivery to your door step with low cost shipping

    A: Yes, Mushroom Compost Store offers delivery for ALL of our materials. A single axle delivery within the Greater USA area is $65 Monday through Friday. A tandem axle delivery within the Greater UK area is $95 Monday through Friday. Saturday morning delivery is also available for an additional $20. For areas outside of EUROPE, please call the office for pricing.

    : When constructing a new gravel driveway, we recommend basing it with at least 4” of #2 Limestone (3”-4” pieces) or #4 Limestone (2”-3” pieces) and following that up with an additional 4” of #411 Limestone (1” and smaller with dust). This combination will create a solid base and a top layer that will compact over time like concrete.

    We charge delivery cost base on distances.

    you can calculate your cost by.

    1: Add any product to your shopping cart.

    2: Navigate to the cart page and provide your postcode to see your option.

    How can i add to a previous place order.

    unfortunately once an order has been placed in our system, We are unable to charge you for additional item on the same order.

    How ever we can easily sort this out.

    1: Delivery Orders

    • simply create another order for pick-up
    • contact us and mention the two order numbers.

    2: pick-up orders

    • create another order for pick-up
    • leave a note in the checkout process about the other order(include order number please) 

    How Much Delivery  Cost?

    you can calculate delivery cost by entering your postcode in the shopping cart page (you do not have to place any order)

    our delivery is handle by ourselves, and is charge flat rate base on distance, not quality of product.

    We deliver to the wider western and northern Suburbs we do deliver  world wide and our delivery is to your doorstep and a suitable delivery time will be arrange with you

    please use the contact us form to get in touch and we can amend your order.

    please include your order number + name so we can verify which order is yours. 

    No worries – these things happen, contact our store directly by phone as soon as possible so we can accommodate you.

    I am a supplier, Wholesaler or grower.

    Hi! If you have a product, service or business solution, please visit in store to talk to our friendly staff and arrange a time with Management. Thank You

    For all land & business inquiries, please visit in store.

    online store will be able to handle any questions regarding business administration, please visit in store.